Whether they’re called nursing assistants or CNAs depending on where you live, these dedicated professionals provide a vital service while working on the front lines of America’s healthcare system. You might find nursing assistants at hospitals, assisted living facilities, home care agencies, clinics and hospice agencies.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) there are currently over 1.5 million CNAs in the US, and within the next couple years that number is projected to grow by another 321,000. National Nursing Assistants Week is June 18-24, making it the perfect time to thank the nursing assistants in your life for their contributions and service.

If You Supervise Nursing Assistants

If you have nursing assistants that report to you, here are 5 ways to show them your gratitude:

1. Give them “facetime”

Take group and individual photos of your team members and post them on your website and social media pages. Say something positive about each employee’s contribution to your organization and try spicing it up a bit by adding their bios and favorite hobbies.

2. Launch a “well day” program

Roll out a new “well day” program for your team that will allow individual members to take a well-deserved day off without having to call in sick.

3. Help with travel expenses

The average nursing assistant makes $25,111 per year, which means out-of-pocket travel expenses can put a dent in their paychecks. Help-out your aides by paying for some of their travel costs, like mileage or bus fare. The IRS even allows employers to cover “qualified transit” expenses for up to $255 a month per employee.

4. Get their input

Most CNAs would like to have more of a say in important decisions that affect their schedules and workloads. Empower your team members by getting their input about the best times to take breaks or how to more efficiently manage their work schedules.

5. Promote career development

Improve team morale by rewarding top-performers with titles like “shift leader” or “CNA of the month”. Offer performance or attendance bonuses as an added incentive, and start a mentoring program to motivate your staff and improve the quality of care they provide.

How Families Can Thank Caregivers

If you or a family member have recently benefitted from care that was provided by a nursing assistant, here are 5 ways to say “thanks”:

1. With a care basket

Give them a care basket filled with body lotions, candles, hot chocolate packets, flavored teas and other relaxation items to let them know how much their care is appreciated.

2. Write a letter

Sit down and write the caregiver a handwritten “thank you” letter or card that expresses your gratitude. They might even use your letter as inspiration when they’re having a rough day!

3. Pamper them with a spa day

Caregiving can be a very physically demanding job and sore muscles are common. Make your aide’s day by pampering them with a free spa day filled with a massage, facial and manicure.

4. Buy them a gift card

Buy them a gift card so that they can spend their off day going to the movies, dining at their favorite restaurant or buying a new pair of shoes.

5. Pass along some praise

Contact their supervisor and tell them how much you appreciate their employee’s hard work ethic and positive attitude. Who knows, your unsolicited praise might just help that nursing assistant get a well-deserved raise or bonus!

For more information about National Nursing Assistants Week please visit the National Network of Career Nursing Assistants at: www.cna-network.org!

We’re Very Proud of Our Nursing Assistants!

At Creative Caregivers, we appreciate our nursing assistants and value their ongoing contributions to both our home care agency and the communities we serve. All our aides must first pass stringent screening requirements and complete ongoing training so that they can provide the highest quality of care possible while serving as an extended family in our clients’ homes. But what truly makes our team the “cream of the crop” is the compassion and dedication that they bring to the table day after day.

While under the direction of an RN case manager, our highly skilled aides can carry out services in your loved one’s home that range from personal care and companionship, to live-in care and 24-hour care. To read some client reviews about our home care agency now, or to schedule a FREE in-home consultation for a senior in your life, please contact Creative Caregivers of FL today!