Creative Caregivers is a locally owned and operated In-Home Care agency. Our mission is to support and care for the families in our community by providing creative, and innovative, personalized plans of care to assist in maintaining independence. We take a comprehensive approach to care and believe it is best delivered in the comfort and privacy of our client’s home.

Customized Plans of CareDeciding when and what kind of additional care might be needed for a loved one can be tough for many families. Maintaining independence is often key, and the fear of losing it often presents resistance to any type of care. Every individual need is different. That is why it is critical that an individual plan of care is created for each person. Since the situation is often hard to gauge and the refusal to accept the need for care can be part of the normal process, our team is trained to assess the situation in the home with the individual and family members to create the best plan of care possible. That is why we are Creative Caregivers.

Creative Caregivers, Florida

Our services are available with no minimum requirements from one hour to 24-hour care. Creative Caregivers recognizes that services are not always needed for a full four hours therefore we like to offer our clients the opportunity to define what it is they need and create their own plan of care with our team of professionals. We specialize in dementia care, Alzheimer’s care, hospice support, as well as just supporting the activities of daily living. Additionally, we offer concierge services to meet individualized needs, and much more. Please feel free to contact us to see how we can accommodate your needs and create an individualized plan of care just for you and your loved one.

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